Diary of a Sex Addict

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2001 | 93 min | NOT-RATED
Sammy Horn (Michael Des Barres) appears to have the perfect life: a loving wife (Rosanna Arquette), a bright 5-year-old son, a thriving L.A. restaurant, and the luxurious home he's building. But Sammy Horn is a sex addict, and leads a double life, stealing time away from his family and job to act out his addiction. Secret girlfriends, co-workers, high-class prostitutes and crack-addicted streetwalkers are all a part of ruthlessly compulsive Sammy's "other" world. After a four-day "binge" in which he reaches near-meltdown, he eventually finds his way into therapy, and tells Dr. Jane Bordeaux (Nastassja Kinski) everything. Confronted with his lies and behavior, Sammy at last seems to see the light. But it remains to be seen whether his resolve can withstand the sight of an attractive woman.