My 600-Lb. Life

SN 7 | EP 3 | Robin's Story

Robin lives with her husband James in Kansas, and after a life of suffering and abuse has found God and dedicated herself to the ministering of youth, having chosen love and generosity as her coping methods. And yet, Robin also relies heavily on food, and with obesity running in her family, Robin has recently lost a sister to congestive heart failure, a loss she is still actively mourning. Robin's brother Chris is also obese, and both siblings know they need help to rein in their weight gain and get their lives on a better track. But after agreeing to accompany Robin to Texas, Chris suffers a mini-stroke and ends up sending his son Garrett to Texas in his place. Robin's weight has really begun to degrade to her quality of life. Once a teacher, Robin can no longer get around and is now relegated to a wheelchair because her weight has caused the cartilage in her knees to wear down and her bones to rub together. The resultant pain is excruciating for Robin and makes travel almost unbearable. Nonetheless with the support of her nephew Garrett and her loving husband James, Robin makes the trip to Houston where Garrett too is accepted as Dr. Now's patient, at just shy of 600 lbs. himself. Robin and Garrett appear to be motivated to count calories and even get exercise, but when it comes time for surgery, it is another vice that threatens to derail Robin's progress: her cigarette smoking habit.

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My 600-Lb. Life
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